About Us

OUR BELIEF at MLH is that doing well for our customers makes us who we are. We have been providing fire protection systems to industrial and commercial clients for over a quarter century. Our determination to provide the best possible service has made us an outstanding company specializing in sales, service, design and manufacturing of special hazards fire protection equipment. Our commitment to improving this service sets our course for continuing success.

OUR CLIENTS are a wide variety of industrial, commercial and institutional organizations with special needs. They recognize the risk of fire, how it is essential to protect their high value assets and processes. They need reliable equipment and designs to minimize the chances of loss and they need a firm that is knowledgeable about the special risks associated with their organization.

OUR INDUSTRIAL clients include telecommunications, manufacturing, printing presses, chemical processing and storage, petroleum refining, pulp and paper, and aircraft maintenance. Commercial clients include banks, computer rooms, warehousing and distribution companies, and data processing. Institutional clients include hospitals, clinics, museums, and research centers.

OUR SUPPLIERS are the top manufacturers of fire protection and safety products. We have carefully established long-term relationships with our suppliers. The result is an impressive array of products, which meets the needs of our clients. Our proven track record with our suppliers gives us full access and complete support of their products. This in turns allows us to provide our clients with the best possible solution.


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OUR PEOPLE are qualified in designing, installing and repairing all of the products we carry. A continuous program of training insures that our personnel are up to date with the latest technology. Through years of experience and constant training we have developed a broad knowledge base in fire protection systems installation.

OUR BUSINESS is to understand our customers' needs and to provide them with the best possible protection. Many companies already know us for our solid track record in the sales, service and installation of fire protection systems. Many more companies are beginning to know us for our manufacturing ability. We use all available resources to meet the customer's needs. Working with a host of suppliers, and our own manufacturing capability, our knowledgeable people capitalize on extensive experience in special hazards fire protection to bring our customers the right products at the right price.